Unilateral Hearing Loss occurs in one ear while the hearing in the other remains normal. A person with this level of hearing loss may have difficulty determining the source of sounds, hearing faint or distant sounds (especially if the affected ear is pointing towards the sound direction) and difficulty distinguishing sound and speech in environments where the “good” ear may be forced to compete with background noise.

Diagnosing Unilateral Hearing Loss

unilateral hearing lossAccording to various research about 15 to 20 % of individuals who suffer from sudden Unilateral hearing loss have an identifiable explanation behind their condition. It’s very important to make an appointment and discuss with a professional doctor whenever you experience hearing loss in one or the two ears.

Your doctor will survey the signs, the symptoms and your medical history and direct a physical check of your nose, ears, mouth, throat and bones such as the jaw. This unilateral hearing loss can be caused by inflammation or infection being aggravated after a certain operation such as dental extraction, drilling, and/or other dental works.

Your doctor may likewise arrange a hearing test. Your specialist known will perform necessary measures, how you react to a scope of sounds and tones at different volume frequencies. The tests can enable your doctor to decide the piece of the ear that is influenced, which can give estimations with regards to the basic cause of your hearing loss.

How is Unilateral hearing loss treated?

Hearing Loss

There are various treatment options for your hearing loss will rely depending on your condition and source. At times, hearing loss may be permanent. Your specialist may recommend a hearing guide to help assist your hearing if unfortunately there is no other option for your hearing loss.

Other options to treat one side hearing loss include:

-surgery to repair the ear or expel a tumor
antimicrobial to treat disease
-steroids to decrease irritation and swelling
-Minimizing or completely stop utilization of the prescription that might be causing the hearing loss

Unilateral hearing loss as a result ofwax development can be dealt with by tenderly expelling the earwax inside your ears. You may attempt commonly used products at home, for example, hydrogen peroxide, a couple earwax removal products and drops of mineral oil. You ought to look for expert assistance if the suggested products don’t improve your condition. Prolonged utilization of these products may result to irritation to your ears.


If you still feel the hearing loss condition is persistent and influencing your hearing, don’t endeavor to expel it all alone. Never insert any objects to expel a foreign particles , as these items can cause ear damage. If you are encountering any symptoms like unsteadiness, facial shortcoming,neurological symptoms or imbalance, you better be assessed by your doctor promptly. It’s always advisable to seek medical help early enough so that appropriate health care may be started early to avoid infection to the other ear which may cause deafness.