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Story Engines Video Training - Your First 10K Readers

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Story Engines Video Training Your First 10K Readers
Story Engines Video Training - Your First 10K Readers
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Genre: Net Business / Marketing / Traffic


The Story Engines premium training is a 12 module step-by-step digital course that walks you through exactly how to go from "blank page" to "bestseller" in as little as 60 days. Inside the training program, we'll show you:

1. An easy way to come up with dozens of original story ideas - whatever genre you write
2. How to expand those ideas into a fully fledged premise and book outline, without wondering "what do I write next?"
3. A detailed roadmap to turn your premise into a detailed story structure and framework - giving you a full breakdown of every scene you need to write and every character you need to flesh out
4. The 7 key elements of blockbuster story writing - how to "fill in the gaps" and create a compelling narrative to "hang" on your structure, helping you quickly write books that readers will devour in droves (and keep them coming back for more)
5. The Path to Publication - how to get your manuscript ready for prime time... whether you choose to go the traditionally published route, or self-publish independently, we'll break down everything you need to do to get your new books onto the shelves.
6. Marketing and World Domination - Nick will break down the exact process I used (and nearly 3,000 of his students used) to find thousands of new readers, helping get you the exposure, visibility, and sales you need to make a dramatic change in your author career.

In other words... no matter what genre you write and regardless of your experience, we've got your "bestseller blueprint" ready and waiting. All you need to do is implement what Nick and I will teach you.
- Module 1: Wired For Story - how to make your books resonate with readers on an emotional level and keep them coming back for more
- Module 2: 3 Story Elements You Can't Live Without - Intro to the building blocks of your book: Premise, Conflict, & Structure
- Module 3: The Art of Story Structure - how Blockbusters are put together, & the 7 step process you need to use to write them
- Module 4: We're Not in Kansas Anymore. Detailed breakdown of the "Preparation Phase", the cornerstone of your entire story
- Module 5: And all Hell Broke Loose. A deep-dive into Game Changing Moment #1, or "the reason why your characters exist"
- Module 6: Like a Chicken with its Head Cut off. Here, I'll show you The Reactive Phase, and why this is so important for your characters
- Module 7: Peek Behind the Curtain. I'll explain Game Changing Moment #2 & how to drive your narrative forward
- Module 8: Taking the Battle to the Enemy. I'll unveil The Proactive Phase & how to use it to keep readers hooked until the end
- Module 9: An Eye Opening Revelation. I'll show you Game Changing Moment #3 and how to dramatically raise the stakes
- Module 10: Once More into the Breach. How to use The Conclusion Phase to end strong & get readers begging for more
- Module 11: The Planning Process (Part 1). Writing a book can often seem overwhelming - here's a simple way to break it down
- Module 12: The Planning Process (Part 2). How to pull everything together to plan, plot, structure, & write your book in record time.


Story Engines Video Training Your First 10K Readers

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