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Professional iOS Development - Be Job Ready (iOS 11 Swift 4)

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Professional iOS Development Be Job Ready iOS 11 Swift 4
Professional iOS Development - Be Job Ready (iOS 11 Swift 4)
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Mastering SDKs and APIs: Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Braintree, Google, Amazon S3, AdMob, Foursquare and more.



Are you an iOS developer looking to work as a freelancer or get a job in the industry? Do you want to increase your market worth? Do you want to learn how to integrate third party SDKs into your own app? Do you want to be job-ready and learn how to tackle most client's requests when you work as a freelancer? If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions then this course is for you.


5 years ago when I started working as iOS developer, one of the first job that I received as a freelancer required me to save app data to a cloud database. I had no idea what to do. I started "Googling" around to discover what was my best option. I stumbled upon Parse API, and even though I was able to do the job, it took a lot longer than was planned to complete the project.

Few months after I got another job that required integration of credit card in the app so that the users can pay with their bank cards. I was lost. I knew I had to use Stripe but I was not familiar with how to go about implementing the SDK. Stripe SDK requires a web server to be used alongside the SDK, I wasnt familiar with setting up a PHP/Java SDK. I struggled, but after 3 weeks I had it working. But that was 3 more weeks spent on a project that could have been completed 3 weeks earlier.

Other similar experiences for many other jobs, including adding Facebook SDK, integrating ads, or uploading file to amazon s3 buckets.


I have compiled list of all the popular 3rd party iOS SDKs that you will need to learn to be job-ready. Here are some of the vendor's SDKs that we'll cover in this course;

FACEBOOK: This is by far one of the biggest requests you will receive from clients, its extremely important to learn how to use Facebook to authenticate users on iOS apps.

ONESIGNAL: It's almost impossible to find any app that doesnt send a push notification, it's crucial you learn how to send push notifications quickly and easily. OneSignal is one of the most popular SDKs you should master to do this.

AMAZON AWS S3: If you upload a file through an iOS app, chances are that the file ends up on AWS S3 bucket, as it's the most popular storage platform used by popular apps. Learning to use AWS SDK is crucial to your career.

TWITTER: Another popular login platform is Twitter, many people prefer to login to apps using their Twitter account, you should add this to your arsenal.

BRAINTREE: Accepting credit cards and paypal payments is something you also want to learn. Braintree is the most popular company for accepting credit card in apps, and in this course you will be able to learn how to set one up in less than 30 minutes.

ADMOB: One of the top requests I get from clients is how to add banner and full screen ads to their apps so they can earn some money from the app. AdMob is the most popular in this aspect and learning it is important.

GOOGLE SIGN IN: The big 'ol Google, ignore this SDK at your peril! Google sign in is also very popular request, and not hard to implement however the documentation is extremely confusing (took me two days the first time I tried it).

CRASHLYTICS: Do you want to know when your app crashes even before the user sends you a message for support? Do you want to know inside of which code file the crash occured? And better, do you want to know which line of code, including the line number, where the crashed occured? Then you should learn how to install Crashlytics. It has saved me hours of headache in my career.

FOURSQUARE: If you want to learn how to get access to all the interesting places around you such as trending places, popular places, nearby places etc then you need Foursquare API. You will be able to create interesting apps, the only limit you have is your imagination.

PARSE: The best Backend As A Service on the market. Parse Server allows you to have a bckend for your app so you can create apps like instagram. Parse can do lots of things but I'll only be scratching the surface in this course by showing you how to save a simple app data to the cloud.

And many more SDKs WILL BE ADDED including DropBox, Firebase, Paypal, to name a few.

Professional iOS Development Be Job Ready iOS 11 Swift 4

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